Sunday, October 5, 2008

Personal development - by donald

Recently, many people around me talk about the Purpose-Driven Life, a book written by Rick Warren. This book is written with one goal to help readers find the purpose of their life, and live accordingly on the basis of this goal.

This book is unique because, unlike other books, it is specifically designed for readers change their lives. It is organized into forty chapters, and readers are said not to read more than one chapter per day. Why? Because the author wants to be sure they have time to reflect and think about what they read.

Until now, I read six chapters, and I'm really impressed. The book focuses on eternity, that's why we live in this world is in preparation for another life, plus one, which is life in eternity. And so, we should see all in the context of eternity. What we do today will affect eternity.

This view really gives us a broader perspective, because people generally believe that in the end of their useful life is tens of years. With the prospect of eternity will see us all very differently. What was important for us earlier in May is more important if we see from the perspective of eternity (things such as wealth, popularity, etc.). And what used to seem unimportant May suddenly become d 'Important (things such as personal relationship with God, good relations with others, a touch of love, etc.).

The key is that we must do the will of God when we live in this world, not the will of ours. And that will be different.

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