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Yogya Tennis: Telling stories

Yogya Tennis: Telling stories
A picture of the Dalai Lama and the painting of the face, including a giant bubble view, the horse with a very large penis, green legs with muscular calves and a green face on the back of the red cross to attract visitors in an art exhibition is located in central Jakarta shopping malls.

CGartspace floor in the Plaza Indonesia the last three weeks, packed with people see the rich variety of colors and styles from 32 famous painter from Yogyakarta, Central Java, in an exhibition called "disability Yogya". Keroncong traditional music playing in the background, while a group of artists and they relax and chat.

Veteran painter Heri Judy, Agus Suwage, Eddie Hara and talented young artists such as the Bayu Widodo, Allatief, Arya Panjalu, Irennius Bongky, Gatot Widodo, and others took part in the exhibition. The exhibition runs from September 19 to October 7.

CGartspace owner Christiana GOUW said the idea was to bring art of the 19th century Paris salon to this day the art scene in Jakarta.

"Currently, the art scene in Indonesia is a large house with the auction and the sale price of a work of art has become a measure of the value of art," he said.

"In the 19th century, a hole is a place where artists can exhibit their work after the jury assessed by the team. Although we do not have a team of judges for this exhibition, we want ideas from the hole in Yogyakarta where artists can exhibit their creations."

Curator of the exhibition, Wang Zineng, states that in the catalog of "The auction sales - fueled by new market showing strong interest in contemporary art of Indonesia - has become a top forum for the validation of the quality and the arrival of artists and their work."

"This is the type of validation that is based, and precariously, if I may add, after only one indicator of what the piece for sale," he said.

Christiana said the exhibition is an effort to combat a phenomenon.

Paintings on display are a combination of neo-realism is not reasonable to contemporary paintings. Heri Judy exhibited his work entitled "New Theory of Slavery." A picture of three men with asymmetrical arms - left longer than the right - with their tongues out, was interesting. Those who attract a car while a man behind them pointing a gun to their head.

Bayu Widodo's "Sick Nation" shows a green head with a sad face clamped together in the back of bleeding red cross. "This nation is sick," he said, referring to widespread corruption and consumerism.

Arya Panjalu exhibition of paintings entitled to the "anti-drunk". Symptoms here he was a man with the head of birds located below the line. Human beings have a painting of the word "anti-drunk" at the top of the straight line.

Ahmad Syahbandi's "New Chapter" is a neo-realist paintings from the outside world with the plastic wrapping on a newspaper that has a painting of the green on the Atlas. His realistic picture of plastic and paper is evidence to the technique. He very carefully detailed.

Christiana said Yogyakartan the signature style of contemporary artists who are painting them to a story. "Compared to Bandung, the work of contemporary artists lean toward the absurd style, Yogyakartan painters want to tell the story," he said.

You may want to come to the gallery and see what the painting said to you.


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